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Star Drinks is a proprietary on-trade category management tool based on trend and insight studies. Star Drinks modules assist in driving revenue and profit as well as increasing traffic and menu incidence for a venue.


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Sales analysis
In this section, learn how the proper mix and upselling techniques can drive revenue and profit in your bar by modelling scenarios with your own sales data.
Back bar layout
In this section, you can build a customized planogram for the back bar to optimize this key display space. Your planogram can be saved and printed for staff.
Menu builder
In this section, you will learn the key points for drinks list creation and how to promote your most profitable drinks. To begin, start with the Interactive Menu Map.
Drinks profiler
This section reinforces staff knowledge of drinks in order to drive quality recommendations to guests while also ensuring a balanced menu.
Perfect serve
In this section, you can find videos, recipes, photos and builds for classic cocktails. You can download everything needed to train your staff and set serving standards.
Submit Your cocktail
Submit Your Cocktail allows venues to run quick and easy cocktail contests with their staff.
Staff education
In this section, you can find tips and resources for staff training, upselling and bar management. Ensure your staff is educated on the basics using the interactive map.
Promote Your venue
Promoting your venue and offerings to guests is key to creating a great experience for them. Promotion should be done both within the venue and through social media channels. In this section, you can find Digital Best Practices as well as merchandising maps for on-trade venues.
Responsible Consumption
Pernod Ricard is committed to a responsible distribution of alcohol beverages. Concerned with a proper use of its brands, Pernod Ricard has defined key principles to promote responsible distribution for a friendly consumption.
Master Quiz
Ready to test your knowledge? Click here to take the Star Drinks Master Quiz.